Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney

Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney [Best Integrated Glass Chimney]

Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney 

I used to cook a lot of food. But then I choose to let it be and avoid cooking as much as I can. The reason is simple, I can’t stand all the smoke and sticky oil of cooking in my kitchen. If you face the same problem, then I will suggest you the solution I got for myself. And that solution is the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney.

It is the Best Kitchen Chimney available in the market and there is a reason behind it. The major reason is its outstanding performance and massive suction capacity. As soon as you install this best chimney for kitchen you will suddenly notice how amazing it is to cook food in your kitchen.

It is the most suitable chimney for the Indian kitchen. Especially in the rainy season. Because it is the season with maximum humidity in the air and as a result that smoke and sticky oil along with it becomes very irritating. But not anymore with this Best Chimney In India.

As you know we are here to present you with the complete Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney Review. But before we move towards it, let me tell you that there are a few kitchen chimney features that are common for all. Whereas, some are unique. So we are going to see all the features and complete specifications.

Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney

Bosch Integrated Glass Chimney

90 Cm Broad- The size of the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney is 90 Cm. This size is quite efficient to cover a 2 burner or even a 4 burner stove. So when you cook, it won’t let even a single ounce of oil to fly with smoke and stick over your utensils or on the wall of your kitchen.

We know that it took a lot of planning, selection, and of course money to set up your modular kitchen. So never let it all get spoiled because of the smoke and sticky oil. Not only your kitchen furniture but let me tell you that when you suck that smoke, it could even harm your organs as well.

It especially happens in India. Because Indian food is always enriched with masalas. These masalas also flow with the smoke and hence could be harmful to your lungs.

But you don’t have to worry as this Best Kitchen Chimney is here to help you. To be very honest, if you check out any of the best chimney for kitchen, like the Felixe Glass Kitchen Chimney, you will see that every kitchen chimney has the same motive.

Design Everyone Loves- Just like any other stylish kitchen chimney, this Best Chimney In India comes with quite an attractive design. Because chromium looks quite attractive and perfectly suits your kitchen.

It comes with a very decent black color with chromium push buttons and a chromium logo strip on the chimney. It makes the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney look quite attractive.

Apart from it, this best kitchen chimney comes with a good design with a simple black color. Thus it matches every color combination you have of your utensils, wall paint as well as furniture. But there is nothing unique about the looks of this best chimney for kitchen. Thus any other chimney like the Surya Kitchen Chimney comes with nearly the same looks.

Serie Glass Wall maunted Kitchen Chimney

Blower Performance- If we talk about the performance, then with the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney comes with the free blowing of 745 m3/h. In short, it is quite powerful when it comes to sucking and blowing smoke.

So whenever you cook, you won’t be looking at the smoke everywhere in your kitchen. Instead, you will be enjoying the cooking and the smell of cooked food. And trust me folks, smelling the amazing food you are making is the best feeling in the world.

So it really isn’t going to matter if your kitchen is small or large. Because this best chimney for kitchen will never let the smoke flow in your entire kitchen. After all, nothing matters more than the performance. Thus with the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney, you can expect to get the best of performance.

Quiet While Working- Any noise-making machine could be very irritating sometimes. Actually, not sometimes but every time noise-making machines are irritating.

But let me tell you folks, this Best Chimney In India is not in that group. It makes very little noise which you sometimes won’t even felt.

Because it makes as less noise as just 73 dB at the maximum suction speed. Well, yes, you have three different power modes. That’s low, medium, and maximum noise. So you can decide on the suction capacity and it won’t feel noisy at any power.

So if this isn’t the best performing kitchen chimney, then we don’t really know what is. Because of the chimney will keep on making the annoying sounds, then you will get irritated while cooking.

Durability- Apart from all these outstanding features, the durability of the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney is worth cherishing. Because it is something to show off about this best kitchen chimney.

It is made of tough stainless steel which is rust-free and durable. Also, it has chromium touch which is not only for good looks. But it also ensures outstanding durability of this best chimney for kitchen.

After all, it takes a fortune to buy machines like this. And it should never get to waste. Thus with the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney, you can expect to get the best of performance with the most amazing durability.

Final verdicts

Wall Mounted hood Chimney

This is all from our side about this Best Chimney In India. No wonder, it is an outstanding chimney with the most amazing collection of features. Let me be honest, there is nothing that makes it better than any other kitchen chimney.

It has normal features just like any other best kitchen chimney. But what makes it worth buying is that the prices are way less than any other one with the same set of features. This is where the Bosch Serie Kitchen Chimney wins all the cards and turns out to be out of the box.

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