How To Use A Refrigerator

How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently [Know Your Fridge]

Most people in India today lives with access to the refrigerator. All thanks to modern technology as well as improvements in the efficiency of refrigerators. They are so common that many times even the homeowners don’t think much about them.

People don’t really study a refrigerator and keep the settings as the standard one. Like keeping our food at a necessary low temperature – 40 degrees F or more economical – to keep the food from spoiling. And guess what? For most of us, it is good enough. But least did you know there are several ways to arrange your food products within your refrigerator that will help them to remain fresh as long as possible.

So today, in this article, we are going to tell you everything about How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently. Also, I will give you the information that you will like to know. Like which gas is used in the refrigerator and a lot more. So let’s just begin with the shelf configuration of the fridge.

How To Use A Refrigerator

Best Shelf Configuration Of Refrigerator

The uppermost shelf has the most consistent temperature range of the fridge. Thus it is ideal for all the primary uses of it. Or specifically, it is the central shelf for keeping food cold. Your top shelf or shelves – depending on the design of the particular model of your refrigerator should be ready to eat food.

This includes most of the dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk, etc. As well as leftovers, pre-prepared food like salads, deli meat, and condiments like butter. Simply storing these ingredients on the top shelf helps keep away from raw ingredients that hold a chance to create bacteria.

The bottom shelf is used for food substances like raw meat. This is the best to prevent the chances of any dripping from contaminating your other food. It is better to make sure that the proteins are individually wrapped or contained. So that they also don’t contaminate each other. The lower shelves are the coldest part of the refrigerators. Some of the foodstuffs including eggs, dairy, or other related items that should be kept inside the coldest zone are eligible to store in the lower shelves.

How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently

To efficiently use a refrigerator, it is always better to know the individual usage of every part. Now, you know about the shelf distribution. So, it is time for you to see the usage of all the other parts of the refrigerator.

Bottom Drawer Uses

Uses Of A Fridge

Nowadays, most of the best refrigerators in India comes with the drawers as the very bottom part of it. These drawers are called as the crisper drawers. These drawers are especially for products like vegetables and fruits. They are specially designed to keep some of the moisture that will help keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.

If your fridge has two drawers, it is even better to utilize them to keep fruits and vegetables separately. It is because fruits contain more ethylene, which could cause vegetables to ripen faster than expected. Do remember, all produce should be washed before you place them inside the crisper drawers.

On Top Of The Refrigerator

Mark, my words, never store anything for consumption on top of the refrigerator. The heat produced by the fridge during its normal chilling operations rises, and it will ruin any loves of bread or bottles of wine you might be storing up there. You might be wondering why your fridge is not working correctly. This might be the reason. It happens because of the gas used in the refrigerator.

If you really want to use the space, feel free to use it for the kitchen appliances, empty lunch boxes, or cookbooks. If you do not keep proper care, the refrigerator could even get permanent damage. So, it is better to save your fridge before any massive problem. After all, precautions are better than cure.

Refrigerator Door usage

Least did you know, the doors are the warmest part of the refrigerator. Thus, you must put more temperature-fluctuation proof items on the shelves of the door—food like condiments, juice, and pickled ingredients. Many people keep eggs, dairy, and butter on the door shelves. But it is actually better to keep these things on the higher shelves inside the fridge.

For this, you can also re-examine the best configuration for the refrigerator shelves that will help you to ensure that you are keeping the right kind of food as cold as possible or not. It is always better to place all the food wisely according to the temperature. This is what called How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently.

Not In The Fridge

Some things will stay better outside the fridge rather than inside it. Things like tomatoes tend to age poorly and it is better to keep them stored on the counter or inside a pantry. Some other foods like avocados are better when they are kept in the room temperature if they are in need of ripening.

Staples like potatoes, onions, and squash do best when they are stored in a cool dark space – Better go for the bottom of your pantry or a shelf in the garage. It is always better to store flour, coffee, and nut butter at room temperature, but if you are willing to store them inside the refrigerator, they will last a bit longer inside it.

Guidelines To Freezer Usage

Any food that starts frozen is more likely to get space in your freezer. Things like vegetables, ready meals, or meat will directly move from your grocery shopping bags into directly your freezer. Also, if you have any meat that you don’t intend to eat within a couple of days, it can be simply frozen to prolong their freshness. It is better to thaw them within a week or two, to simply use them as easily as fresh.

In the same way, leftovers of soup, chili, or food of a similar texture can be simply stored inside a plastic foodware inside the freezer for a few weeks. Simply defrost and then serve it.

It is essential to know how the already cooked food like pizza and pasta are required to be stored so that they could remain fresh for a long time.

To Wrap Up

So, this is all about How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently. No doubt, the best refrigerator is one of the most amazing and useful items in every house. You might be using the Best Refrigerator In India for a very long time. But after checking out this complete guide, now you can use it in quite an efficient way than earlier.

After all, when you have spent so much money to get the Best Refrigerator In India, then it is always better to get the complete out of it as well. And with the above complete guide on How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently, you can easily utilize the refrigerator to the best extent.

This is all from my side on How To Use A Refrigerator More Efficiently. Now it is time for you to rearrange your refrigerator and start using it in the best way you could. You are surely going to love your refrigerator a lot more from now.

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