Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide [How To Buy Best Kitchen Chimney]

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide  

A kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs smoke and fumes from the kitchen and makes the kitchen clean. Also, it is best to make your kitchen oil and smoke-free.

After all, a modular kitchen chimney adds style as well as some great decor to your modular kitchen. But the major problem here is how to find out the Best Kitchen Chimney In India. Well, if you are having the same complication, then you can congratulate yourself.

Because you landed on the right page. As today in this article, we will be providing you with the Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide.

After checking out this complete Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide you will be able to get the Best Kitchen Chimney In India With Price. So what are we waiting for? Let’s move further and take a look at the complete Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide.

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

How To Buy Best Kitchen Chimney

Size- The first and foremost thing you must remember is that what every kitchen chimney you are going to buy, it must perfectly fit inside your kitchen. When we consider all the kitchen chimney features, size is always important.

If you have a small kitchen, then you must go for the compact in size chimney-like, Sparklite Slimo Kitchen Chimney. But for a large kitchen with lots of space, a large chimney like the Pureflame Kitchen Chimney could also be suited.

Generally, the thumb rule is used to decide the size of the Best Chimney For Kitchen In India. The best way to choose the size of the kitchen chimney is to select it off the exact size or large size then your stove or hob. But do keep in mind that the size of the Best Kitchen Chimney In India should never be smaller than the stove or hob.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney Filters- Keeping in mind the structure, material as well as the filtering process, there are three different types of filters for the Best Kitchen Chimney In India With Prices. These three types are:

  • Cassette Filters
  • Baffle Filters (Considered To Be The Best For Indian Kitchens)
  • Carbon Filters

Cassette filter is made up of aluminum mesh that is stocked on each other. It has a gap between the mesh which is the bath for the air to flow. The particles of oil and grease inside the airstrike to this mesh aluminum thread. In simple words, they get stuck inside the filters and hence passing fresh air every time.

But let me tell you that slowly these particles start clogging the mesh therefore you have to wash it in a while.

On the other hand, the baffle filters are the flow control panel. Baffle filters are made in a multiple curve structure. When the cooking air passes through these curves, it changes the direction of the smoke air. During this process, all the heavy particles like oil and grease drag down inside the baffle filters.

Baffle filter chimney is considerably the best for Indian meals and food. However when the filter is completely filled with oil and grease residue, even then it barely affects the suction power of the filters. But still, to avoid the pile of oil and grease, you must clean it once in a while.

It is very easy to find a chimney with baffle filters in India. You can check out the Glen curve glass kitchen chimney, or the Hindware Kitchen Chimney as they come with baffle filters and they are really amazing.

The third one, that is the carbon filter is also known as the charcoal filters. Because these types of filters are made of black charcoal.

These are the best for absorbing odor. Many people even use carbon filters along with the baffle filters for better results. Nowadays, there are many Best Chimney For Kitchen In India that comes with a combination of baffle filters with carbon filters for best results.

Best Chimney FeaturesSuction Power- Suction power is one of the most important aspects of the Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide. Because the suction power is the essence of the chimney. And no one ever ignores the essence while looking for the Best Kitchen Chimney In India.

The suction power depends on the size of your kitchen and home. For a home with 1-3 rooms getting a 500 m3/hr to 700 m3/hr suction capacity will be more than enough. But for a bigger house, choosing one such between 700 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr will be better.

If you are still not sure how to find one according to the suction capacity. Then there is also a rule of thumb for the suction capacity of the Best Kitchen Chimney In India With Price. All you need to do is to calculate the air volume in your kitchen.

Now, to do the same, just take the measurements and calculate the area of your kitchen. For example, suppose the width of your kitchen is 4m, the length is 4m and the height is 2.5m. The volume of your kitchen will be W x L x H = 4 x 4 x 2.5 = 40m3.

So, the airflow of your kitchen will be 40 x 10 = 400. Thus the suction capacity appropriate for this size kitchen will be 400 m3/hr.

Price- Now, as soon as you will be able to shortlist the Best Chimney For Kitchen In India. The factor that helps you choose the best will be its price.

Because, after comparing all the features, the price of the kitchen chimney will always be the major point. Now, you only have to take out the best one that meets all your needs along with your budget.

And that will be the Best Kitchen Chimney In India for you. This is How To Buy Best Kitchen Chimney. Now it is the point where our Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide gets completely successful.

Final Verdicts

Best Chimney Buying Guide

This is all from our side about the Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide. We are quite sure that with our guide, you must be able to find out the Best Kitchen Chimney In India with Price for you.

Because we believe in our expert’s guide and your choice. That’s why we know that you will always find the best for you. This is all for our today’s guide. Now it is time for you to do some smart buying and choose what’s best for you.

That’s all for today on the Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide.

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