KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney

KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney [Best 3rd Gen Chimney]

KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney  First of all, congratulations on your new modular kitchen or a new best kitchen chimney. We know you haven’t bought one yet. But after check out the complete review of KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney, you will have one.

Why we can say it so confidently? Well, it is because we have seen this kitchen chimney very closely. Yeah, you guessed it right, I myself is using this Best Chimney In India 2021. Thus we are writing this review because we have seen some amazing results out of it as well.

Whether it is about the quality or the price. The KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney is one of the most amazing as well as the Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen. So whether you have a large kitchen or a compact one. After checking out the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney Review. You will have the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen and this is a sure thing.

Now, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and have a look at the complete in-depth review of this Best Chimney In India 2021.

KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney Review

Best Chimney From Kutchina

60 Cm Broad- Considering the size of this kitchen chimney, you will get a 60 Cm broad chimney. This much size is quite enough to cover a two-burner as well as a four-burner stove.

The best part is that with this much size it never lets the smoke spread all over the kitchen. So no matter if you have a large kitchen or a smaller one. Because no smoke is passing through this Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen.

After all, it is a straight line chimney completely suitable for any Indian kitchen. Because when food is made in the Indian kitchen. The spreading of smoke not only contains oil. But it also includes a bunch of masalas in the smoke. And we don’t need to tell you how harmful those masalas could be for your health.

But you need not worry at all. Because with the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney no smoke or masalas will ever harm you at all. But we have also seen people preferring a steeper shape chimney. Although flats are trending now if you are still looking for a steeper one, then we will recommend you check out the Kaff NOBELO Kitchen Chimney.

Filterless technology- I have seen people saying that the chimney with filters is better for proper oil suction. Well, let me tell you that filters only separate the oil from the smoke and nothing else.

Thus if you get a filterless kitchen chimney then even it will suck up the same level of oil as well as smoke. The only difference is that with a filter chimney the oil won’t stick inside the chimney. Because it already gets stuck in the filters.

However, in the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney, the oil will get stuck inside the chimney. But you don’t have to worry about that even. Because the auto-clean feature will remove the oil stuck inside the chimney itself.

Thus filterless technology at some point could give you out the most amazing suction of smoke as well as oil. But when we are talking about the Indian kitchens. As we said there is not only oil but masalas too in the smoke. Thus a filterless technology tends to work in a lot better way.

Still, if you prefer a chimney with filters, then here is a recommendation, have a look at the Fiesta Aster Kitchen Chimney. It comes with four filters and actually a very amazing chimney.

Kutchina Chimney For Indian Kitchen

3rd Gen Dry Auto Clean Feature- As we said just now, the dry auto-clean feature. It is one of the most amazing features you will find in very few chimney-like KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney or the SPARKLITE Slimo Kitchen Chimney.

After all, it is quite obvious that you are not planning to go all the way inside the chimney to clean the inside part are you? Well, if you are then you don’t really need to. Because the dry auto-clean technology cleans the chimney from inside completely.

Therefore, all you need to do is to press the button and this best kitchen chimney will clean itself from inside completely. Now, this feature is quite impressive and loved by most of the users. I personally love this feature and it makes my work so easy and simple as well.

After all, the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney is meant to make my work quite easy not more complicated. And I am really satisfied with the results of this Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen.

700 M3/ Hr Suction Capacity- You will get the most powerful 700 M3/hr suction capacity with this Best Chimney In India 2021. This much suction capacity is more than enough to remove the heavy smoke of all the grilling and deep frying of stuff.

Otherwise, this smoke could be very harmful to you, your kitchen utensils as well as the kitchen walls too. Thus it is always better to get rid of it and never let it spread all over the kitchen.

As a result, with the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney, you will never get any kind of smoke, sticky grease, or oil stains on any of your kitchen walls, furniture as well as over your kitchen utensils.

Because at this amazing suction capacity you don’t really have to worry at all about the smoke and oil residue to spread all over your kitchen at any cost.

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Conclusion Time

Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen

This is all from our side about the KUTCHINA Slimo Excel Chimney. No doubt, it is one of the best kitchen chimneys for every household in India. And I am saying it because it is a personally tried and tested one.

At a very affordable price tag, this one deserves to be in every person’s order list or at least in the wish list. So as we said at the very beginning that you will be having a new kitchen chimney at the end of this article. I guess my prediction was quite right. After all, this chimney is so amazing that no one could resist it if they are willing to get the best.

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